Explore Khao Lak's Natural Wonders with Our Expert Team at Khaolak-JungleSafari

Welcome to Khaolak-JungleSafari, where our young and passionate team is dedicated to giving you the most exhilarating adventure experience in Khao Lak. Our ambition is to craft unforgettable journeys that leave lasting impressions.

Why Choose Khaolak-JungleSafari?

  • Local Expertise, Global Standards: We collaborate exclusively with local suppliers in Khao Lak, ensuring fair conditions and high-quality services. Our close ties with the community guarantee authentic experiences while supporting local livelihoods.
  • Sustainability at Our Core: For us, the careful treatment of nature and wildlife isn't just a practice; it's a commitment. We strive to maintain eco-friendly and responsible tourism practices, ensuring that Khao Lak's natural beauty is preserved for future generations.

Meet Our Dynamic Team

Tea – Your Personal Adventure Organizer: At the heart of Khaolak-JungleSafari is Tea, our skilled organizer and your point of contact for all your needs. From planning to execution, Tea ensures your adventure is seamless and personalized.

Joe – Animal, Nature, and Adventure Specialist: Joe is our in-house expert on Khao Lak's diverse wildlife and natural landscapes. His passion and knowledge make your encounters with nature insightful and respectful.

Rewat – Ensuring Your Safe Journey: Rewat is dedicated to making your transfers to various activities safe and comfortable. With Rewat, travel becomes an integral part of your adventure, filled with comfort and safety.